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4 Key Questions When Considering Scaffolding


There are various types of scaffolding, and each type is appropriate for different kinds of construction projects. Depending on the location of your construction projects, your team will use different kinds of scaffolding materials, systems, and assembly processes.

Your scaffolding supplier should be asking the following questions to help you make the right choice based on your specific requirements.

  1. How high does the scaffolding need to reach?

The height of your construction project, as well as the shapes of the different spaces and aspects of the building your crew will be constructing will determine the kind of scaffolding system needed. Some scaffolding systems are built for constructing tall structures, like skyscrapers, and others are built for erecting structures of lesser height, such as residential homes. If your business has a wide portfolio, you’ll likely need to use an appropriate system that caters for diverse construction project requirements.

  1. What is your load-bearing capacity requirement?

Each scaffolding system can handle different material load weights. Here, it’s important to consult with the scaffolding manufacturer to learn whether a scaffolding type, or brand’s load limitations, meet the size, complexity, and timelines of your construction project plans.

  1. Is the scaffolding safe as per your project’s unique specifications?

Scaffolding enables a construction crew to safely access heights and other tough-to-access areas on a building site, as well as protecting them from nearby electrical wiring or falling objects. A lack of safe scaffolding puts construction workers at risk for serious injury and even death.

That’s why, in addition to safe scaffolding, construction project management should also always include a health and safety inspection of the entire job site. Consult with and hire a licensed engineer and scaffolding technician to share their expertise on your construction project needs, based on the type of work required and the conditions of the construction site. They can then confirm what scaffolding will be safe for your specific project. 

  1. What is the quality and cost of the scaffolding?

It’s also essential to budget for, and purchase, a scaffolding system that meets the specific requirement of your unique construction project, including the building design, worker health and safety, safe transport of materials, and completion timelines. The quality and the cost should be considered together, as very cheap scaffolding could well lack the necessary quality your construction project needs, and as a result put the safety of workers at risk, as well as the entire success of the project.

Remember that when considering what scaffolding system is best for your construction project and site, it’s important analyze several key factors together. SSF considers regional requirements that are both environmental and economic. For more information, get in touch with us here.


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4 Key Questions When Considering Scaffolding – 4 Key Questions When Considering Scaffolding


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